Does the cost of these homes include the soil and vegetation?

Absolutely. This will be developed based on how much effort you want to put into the garden on your Green Magic Home.

What type of maintenance does the garden covering the Green Magic Home need once construction is finished?

The type of vegetation used is always dependent on the climate conditions of the area where the structure is installed. As in any garden, if you use plants native to the region, in many cases you can have zero or very low maintenance. What must be considered, when you build an earth-sheltered house, is the amount of effort you want to put in to maintaining it. You can decide to have a tropical garden, a desert garden, a native garden or even an edible garden but each one will be designed and installed to ensure it stays providing you with pleasure for years to come. Low maintenance ground covering plants are always a good choice. We provide you with all the detail you need, around a large group of plants and together we select the items that will work best for you.

Can air conditioning or heating systems be installed in a Green Magic Home?

Yes, easily. in general terms, air conditioning and heating systems are supremely efficient in the Green Magic Home system due to its thermal qualities. You can use radiant floor heating systems, electric wall mount units or even wood burning stoves.

How do the technical installations, such as plumbing, electrical and sewage, work with Green Magic Homes construction technology?

All technical pipeline connections are, as in any standard house, included within the slab foundation. With our technology, the components include ducts and electrical wiring boxes. All plumbing, sewage and gas facilities are directly connected through the foundation.

How much time is required to build a Green Magic Home?

The time depends on the size and complexity of the individual Green Magic Home. A one-bedroom home will take around 35 days to complete but then again, a four-bedroom model will take pretty much the same amount of time. The external shell structure is only a small part of the overall build. The internal fit out and finishings, based on your desires, are the thing that takes the time.

Are council permits required to build a Green Magic Home?

Yes, an approvals process with your local council will be required. Our technology is an innovative construction system that meets all standards of earthquake resistance, wind loads and fire resistance to be approved in any country in the world. We take care of all of the regular paperwork needed by your local council and we take care of all the unusual things needed as well. Once you have engaged us to build this amazing product our team takes care of everything.

Can new spaces and rooms be added on to a Green Magic Home after its construction has been finished?

Yes. The system supports the connection of additional modules, but future growth should be planned from the beginning so the appropriate parts can be left in place.

Can Green Magic Home interior walls be painted?

Yes. Green Magic Homes finished modules can be painted.