25 Dec, 2019

Merry Christmas, from our Team!

On behalf of our team at Green Magic Homes, we wish you and yours a warm and Merry Christmas 🎄.

18 Dec, 2019

Our Newest Offering

No more complicated installations, just awesome, efficient and natural power, generated from the sun ☀️. The Smartflower Solar Power Panels produce up to 40% more power than your average rooftop ...

11 Dec, 2019

About the Smartflower Solar Power Panels

Our mission is to provide accessible and easy eco-friendly living in ALL facets of the home 🌱. That’s why we’re proud to offer our newest offering of the Smartflower Solar Power Panel ...

4 Dec, 2019

Being at One with your Surroundings: The Galicia Tunnel

Now this is a design that puts literal meaning to “being at one with your surroundings” 🌱! Our Galicia model is a quaint but stunning layout that maximises efficiency in every nook and ...

27 Nov, 2019

A Look at the Galicia Tunnel

The Galicia Tunnel Home may be quaint, but don’t be fooled ☝️! This design provides comfortable, elegant and beautiful living spaces, allowing owners and guests to feel completely at ease ...

20 Nov, 2019

Building Unique Exterior Spaces

We put a lot of focus on our homes, but did you know we offer unique exterior spaces, too?! This California Gazebo provides ample shade and coverage, just in time for those hot and balmy summer days! ...